Energy Start-up focused on reducing Nigeria’s clean energy deficit…one project at a time.

A subsidiary of wnm limited. Incorporated in 2016.

The Problem

Despite the relative availability of  LPG (cooking gas) in Nigeria, uptake of the fuel in households is very low (< 15%)1. This is partly due to factors that border around:

  • Accessibility- Inadequate and unevenly spread distribution infrastructure makes public access to LPG sub-optimal
  • Affordability- Perceived higher cost of LPG in comparison to traditional dirty fuels such as Kerosene, Charcoal and Firewood.
  • Acceptability- Continued use of predominant dirty fuels and wrongly assumed safety concerns

Our Solution

Presenting LPG to the larger public in Partnership with one of the major marketers of petroleum products in Nigeria which enables wnm energy to provide LPG at AFFORDABLE rates through our Mini-LPG Dispensing Plants located on easily ACCESSIBLE forecourts nationwide.

Through these locations, wnm energy and her partners will continue to encourage ACCEPTABILITY of LPG by advocating its use as a cleaner, more efficient and cheaper cooking fuel compared to predominant cooking fuels such as kerosene, charcoal, firewood.

Our Technology

LPG Skid Plants

  • Quick and Accurate Dispensing of LPG
  • Safe Dispensing of LPG
  • Pay per USE options

Composite LPG Cylinders

  • Safe cylinders (explosion proof)
  • Lightweight and corrosion free
  • Translucent material to see your LPG level